Quran Majeed 9th Tests Surah Wise with MCQs

Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board Lahore agreed to the translation of the Quran compiled by the ILM Foundation Karachi. And from the year 2022, it will be taught as a compulsory subject for class 9th and later for class 10th. Here you can download the Subjective and Objective tests of Quran Majeed for the 9th Class.

Quran Majeed 9th Tests in “Word” Format

NameSubjective TestObjective Test
Surah MaryamDownloadDownload
Surah TahaDownloadDownload
Surah AnbiyaDownloadDownload
Surah HajjDownloadDownload
Surah FurqanDownloadDownload
Surah AhkafDownloadDownload

Instructions for teacher’s paper Pattern

The paper will carry a total of 50 marks.

The test will be conducted in the style of questions from the vocabulary of the Qur’anic Surah.

Translation of the following Surahs will be part of the paper.

The examination will be conducted through short and multiple choice questions from the introduction of Surah and consisting of main topics.

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Learning outcomes

Be able to follow the etiquette of reciting the Holy Quran

Know the names and meanings of specific Quranic surahs.

Know the introduction of the above surahs.

Able to derive the main topics of the surahs

Be able to translate the Quran fluently

Be able to memorize the supplications in the Qur’anic surahs with translation.

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