9th Computer Chapter wise Test half-full book

Preparation for Computer Science 9th Subject is now easy. Student Can prepare fully by following our Notes and Guess papers. The 9th Computer Chapter-wise Test Series consists of important questions. Our expert IT teachers have prepared Model papers for our students. Students can get notes and Important questions Guess and Papers Schemes by joining our Whatsapp group.

9th Computer Science chapter-wise PDF Test

Introduction to ComputersDownload
History of ComputersDownload
Computer ComponentDownload
Input and Output devicesDownload
Storage DevicesDownload
Number SystemDownload
Boolean AlgebraDownload
Computer SoftwareDownload
Introduction to WindowsDownload

Download Chapter-wise tests, half-book, and full-book test papers. Practice important questions from the following topics. 1st four Units are important.

  • History of Computer
  • Computer Component
  • Input and Output devices
  • Storage Devices
9th Computer science Chapter-wise Test

We set Objective papers MCQ and Fill in the blank from exercise and chapter review. Highlight Questions from Text Book in every chapter are also important according to the exam point of view. You can download papers in Word .doc and pdf both formats.

9th Computer Science Half Book Test

9th Grade All Subjects Test paper. These test papers are very helpful for English and Urdu medium students. The ninth 2022 annual papers will be according to the full Computer syllabus. Guess papers will also be uploaded one day before the paper. Chapter-wise Notes and the Past five years’ papers with solutions will be uploaded soon.

9th Computer Science Full Book Test

9th Computer Important Questions

Unit 1: Introduction to Computers

  • History of Computers
  • Computer Generations
  • Types of Computers
  • Classification of Computers
  • Impact of Computers and the Internet on Society

Unit 2-Computer Component

Unit 3-Input and Output devices

Unit 4-Storage Devices

  • Main Memory
  • Memory Measuring Units
  • Data organization
  • Primary and Secondary Memory
  • Exercise Question, MCQS, and Fill in The blanks

Unit 5-Number System

  • Data and Information
  • Number System Conversion
  • Representation of Numbers Using 1’s and 2’s Complements
  • Computer Code
  • Table of ASCII Codes
  • Binary Coded Decimals

Unit 6-Boolean Algebra

  • Law and theorems of Boolean algebra
  • K-Map Theorem

Unit 7-Computer Software

  • Language and Translator
  • DOS Commands
  • Disk Operating System DOS
  • The function of the Operating system

Unit 8-Introduction to Windows

  • Features of Windows
  • Computer virus and Antivirus

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