Class 9th Maths Chapter wise Test Online

Class 9 Mathematics consists of 17 chapters in total. Each chapter has many exercises and review exercises. And at the end of the unit many important definitions are included in the summary. Students should pay attention to the important questions, important definitions and important theorems of each chapter. The objective questions mentioned in the text book are frequent in all board annual papers.Here you can download 9th Maths online Test in PDF and word document format.

Download Test according to new pattern 2022

Chapter NameLink
Matrices and DeterminateDownload
Real and Complex NumbersDownload
Algebraic Expressions & Algebraic FormulasDownload
Algebraic ManipulationDownload
Linear Equations & InequalitiesDownload
Linear Graphs & Their ApplicationsDownload
Introduction to Coordinate Geometry Download
Congruent Triangles Download
Parallelograms and Triangles Download
Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors Download
Sides and Angles of a Triangle Download
Ratio and Proportion Download
Pythagoras TheoremDownload 
Theorems Related with Area Download
Practical Geometry Triangles Download

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Students have to prepare short questions for preparation. Various solution notes are available in PDF.You can also download Punjab Text Book Board approved book from here.

Math 9th Test Series

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