2nd-year Biology Chapter wise Test Series

Are you looking for an FSC 2nd-year Biology Test in MS Word format according to the new syllabus? Then you are at the right website to find 2nd-year Biology Chapter-wise. We provide chapter-wise tests according to the Punjab board pattern in editable format. You can download tests by clicking the download button below. These 2nd-year Biology Chapter-wise prepared according to the new syllabus of Punjab Text Book boards. In final words, we made our finest efforts to make these tests beneficial for you. But if you find a mistake, any suggestion for further improvement is welcome. And if you find that our effort helps you share it with your fellow because sharing is caring:

Download Chapter-wise Tests

Chapter NumberChapter Name Link
16Support and MovementsDownload
17Coordination and controlDownload
19Growth and developmentDownload
20Chromosomes and DNADownload
21Cell CycleDownload
22Variation and GeneticDownload
26Some major ecosystemsDownload
27Man and his EnvironmentsDownload

2nd Year Biology 1st Half Tests

Important topics in 1st Half are homeostasis, Osmoregulation Excretion, Excretion in representative animals, Excretion in vertebrates, the Kidney as an osmoregulatory organ, and thermoregulation. Support in PlantsMovements in Plants, Support and movements in animals, Human Skeleton, Deformities of skeleton muscles, and Locomotion in protists and invertebrates

2nd-year Biology 2nd Half Test

Preparing for the Fsc part-2 class exam is now easy, prepare for Biology Grade 2nd Year Chapter-wise test. Students can prepare for the exam according to the Curriculum and paper pattern of Bio 12th Grade. Questions from past papers of the Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Sargodha Board, Faisalabad Board, Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Bahawalpur Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board were selected in these papers. Comprehensive and detailed Short notes and model papers, past papers of Class 2nd Year Biology are available.

Coordination in Plant, Coordination in animals, Nerve Impulses, Synapses, Evaluation of the nervous system, Human nervous system, Chemical coordination, Endocrine gland of mammals, Gonads, Behavior, Reproduction, Reproduction in Plants
Reproduction in Animals, Reproduction in Man, Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs), AIDS ( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Growth and development in Plants, Growth, and development in animals, Aging, Regeneration, Abnormal Development

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  • Types of chromosomes, Composition of chromosomes
  • The chromosomal theory of inheritance
  • DNA as hereditary Material
  • Chemical Nature of DNA
  • What is a gene
  • Cell Use RNA to make Protein
  • Genetic Code Translation Mutation

2nd-year Biology Full Book Test

Essential Questions for the annual exam are Cloning of a gene Molecular Scissors, Restriction Endonucleases Genoiftic library poly chain reaction human Genome project Biotechnology product gene therapy Tissue Culture

Concept of Evaluation Vs Special Creation Evaluation from Prokaryotes to EukaryotesInheritance of Equired CharacteristicsNatural Selection and Artificial SelectionPopulation, Geen Pool, Allele and Genotype FrequenciesEndangered Species. IntroductionEcosystemComponent of ecosystem SuccessionBiogeochemical Cycles.

ClimateAquatic or Hydrospheric ecosystemTerrestrial or Lithospheric EcosystemSome Major Ecosystem in Pakistan

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Degradation and depletion of Resources Man’s Impact on Environment Deforestation and Afforestation Pollution Health and Diseases

  • Interphase
    Meiotic Errors ( Non-disjunction)
  • Genes, Alleles and Gen Pool
    Mendel’s Law of Inheritance
    Dominance relations
    MN Blood type or Blood Group system
    Multiple Alleles
    Epitasis and Pleiotropy
    Continuously varying Traits Gene Linkage Crossing over Sex
  • DeterminationSex LinkageDiabetes Mellitus and its Genetic Basis

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