2nd-year Chemistry Chapter-wise Tests

Are you looking for 2nd-year chemistry chapter-wise test in editable format according to the new syllabus free download? Then you are at the right website. We provide chapter-wise tests according to the Punjab board pattern in editable format. You can download the 2nd-year Chemistry Test by clicking the download button below:

Chapter-wise test Download All test paper

Periodic classification of elements and periodicityDownload
S-block elementsDownload
Group IIIA  and Group IVA elementsDownload
Group VA  and Group VIA elementsDownload
The Halogens and the Nobel gasesDownload
Transition elementDownload
Fundamental principles of Organic ChemistryDownload
Aliphatic HydrocarbonsDownload
Aromatic HydrocarbonsDownload
Alkyl HalidesDownload
Alcohols, Phenols, and EtherDownload
Aldehydes and KetonesDownload
Carboxylic AcidsDownload
Common chemical industries in PakistanDownload
Environmental ChemistryDownload

These 12th-class chapter-wise tests are prepared according to the new syllabus of Punjab boards. 

Finally words, we made our finest efforts to make these tests beneficial for you. But if you find a mistake, so any suggestion for further improvement is however welcome. And if you find that our effort helps you share it with your fellow because sharing is caring:

2nd-year Chemistry Half Book Tests

2nd-year Chemistry Full Book Tests

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