FSC 2nd Year Math Notes of All Chapters

Mathematics is a very important subject for FSC Part-2 pre-engineering students. Students have to work hard to prepare for this subject. To understand math questions, everyone must first understand the Paper Scheme, important formulas, and theorems. 2nd-year Exercise-wise Math solved notes of all chapters are available on our site for the convenience of the students. Students can read notes online on Android phones or laptops anywhere by downloading them in PDF.

These notes are specially Prepared by keeping in mind the demand of getting top marks as well as the difficulties of an average student in the understanding Text Book.

2nd Year Math Notes of All Chapters (Exercise Solution)

Chapter 3 –Integration

Exercise 3.1
Exercise 3.2
Exercise 3.3
Exercise 3.4
Exercise 3.5
Exercise 3.6
Exercise 3.7
Exercise 3.8
Exercise 3 MCQS

Chapter 4 –Intro to Analytical Geometry

Exercise 4.1
Exercise 4.2
Exercise 4.3
Exercise 4.4
Exercise 4.5
Exercise 4.1
Exercise 4 MCQs

Chapter 5 –Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming

Exercise 5.1
Exercise 5.2
Exercise 5.3
Exercise 5 MCQs

Chapter 6- Conic Sections

Exercise 6.1
Exercise 6.2
Exercise 6.3
Exercise 6.4
Exercise 6.5
Exercise 6.6
Exercise 6.7
Exercise 6.8
Exercise 6.9
Chapter 6- MCQs

Accordion Panel Title

Gutentor Simple Text

Chapter 7-Vectors

Exercise 7.1
Exercise 7.2
Exercise 7.3
Exercise 7.4
Exercise 7.5
Exercise 7 MCQs

Significant feature of our Notes

  • All important Exercise wise definitions.
  • Formulas in the beginning of every exercise.
  • Complete and comprehensive notes of every chapter
  • Easy approach towards every solution.
  • The questions are supported with comprehensive diagrams.
  •  Each and every important question is highlighted.
  • This book is a complete replacement of text book
  • students need not bother about text book when they have it.
  • Each chapter is provided with the important questions at its end.

The main focus is on preparing students for the examinations of all the boards of Punjab and Federal. Underlying all the aspects, these notes will prove to be helpful, not just for students but for all knowledge seekers.

Chapter-1 Important Short Question/Definitions

FunctionDomainRangeIndependent and Dependent  Variable
Real valued   FunctionAlgebraic FunctionPolynomial FunctionLinear Function
Identity FunctionConstant FunctionRational FunctionExponential Function
Logarithmic FunctionExplicit FunctionImplicit Function 

Chapter-2 Important Short Question/Definitions

Average rate of changeDerivativeMaclaurin Series
Taylor SeriesRelative MaximaRelative Minima
Point of Inflection  

Chapter-3 Important Short Question/Definitions

Integration and AntiderivativeFundamental Theorem of CalculusDifferential Equations
Initial ConditionsImportant Formulas 

Chapter-4 Important Short Question/Definitions

Co-ordinate SystemTranslationSlop or Gradient
Homogeneous EquationTrapezium 

Chapter 5 –Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming

Linear InequalitiesBoundary of Half PlaneLeft, Right, Upper, Lower Half PlaneVertex or Corner Point
Non Negative ConstraintsDecision VariablesFeasible RegionFeasible Solution
Optimal SolutionObjective FunctionProblem Constraints 

Chapter 6- Conic Sections

Point CircleParametric EquationsTangentNormalTangential Distance
Chord of ContactConic SectionEccentricityEquation of ParabolaVertices
Transverse or FocalCentral ConicsDegenerate conicParabola 

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