2nd-year Biology Paper Scheme 2023 of all Punjab board

The 2nd-year Biology Paper Scheme is produced by the educational board of Punjab to assist students in the preparation for their annual exams. Usually, students find it, difficult to cover the whole syllabus before the exams so the candidates are advised to check the scheme of Biology 2nd-year 2023. By following the paper scheme Inter part-1 (first-year exam) students can get a position and 100% marks.

2nd-year Biology Paper Scheme 2023

Part-1 Q-No. 1 MCQS

Chapter numberMCQSChapter numberMCQS
Chapter NO 152Chapter NO 231
Chapter NO 162Chapter NO 241
Chapter NO 171Chapter NO 251
Chapter NO 182Chapter NO 261
Chapter NO 191Chapter NO 271
Chapter NO 201  
Chapter No 212  
Chapter NO 221  

Part-2                              Short Questions

Q. NO.2                                                     

Chapter NO 153 Questions
Chapter NO 163 Questions
Chapter NO 182 Questions
Chapter NO 262 Questions
Chapter NO 272 Questions

Q. NO.3                                         

Chapter NO 173 Questions
Chapter NO 223 Questions
Chapter NO 233 Questions
Chapter NO 253 Questions

Q. NO.4                  

Chapter NO 192 Questions
Chapter NO 203 Questions
Chapter NO 212 Questions
Chapter NO 222 Questions

Long Questions                                            

Q No=5

Chapter NO 15Part a
Chapter NO 25Part b


Chapter NO 16Part a
Chapter NO 20Part b


Chapter NO 17Part a
Chapter NO 27Part b

Q. 8

Chapter NO 18Part a
Chapter NO 22Part b


Chapter NO 19Part a
Chapter NO 24Part b

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Is the 2nd-year Biology Paper Scheme 100% correct?

It’s not yet confirmed about the scheme correct. Hope the above-mentioned scheme will be applicable to the 2023 exam. It includes MCQs, Objective, subjective, short, and long questions of new, fresh latest 2023 paper pattern of Biology for the 12th class. Download the paper pattern in pdf. Download the app for the 12th Class pairing scheme. Second-year Biology consists of 13 Chapter starting from chapter 15, (Homeostasis), Chapter 16 (support and Movement), Chapter 17 (Co-ordination and Control), Chapter 18 (Reproduction), Chapter 19 (Growth and development), Chapter 20 (Chromosomes and DNA), Chapter 21 (Cell Cycle), Chapter 22 (Variation and Genetics), Chapter 23 (Biotechnology), Chapter 24 (Evaluation), Chapter 25 &26 (Ecosystem and some major ecosystem) and Chapter 27 (Man and Environment.

What is the Importance of the 2nd-year Biology Pairing Scheme?

The student is notified that the Biology pairing scheme 2nd-year 2023 Punjab Board offers a complete insight into the type of questions and paper pattern being followed during the exam. The annual exams of the 12th class hold significance for students and in order to attain the exam with good marks, the candidate is required to follow the paper scheme for 2nd-year 2023 Biology.

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