12th English Paper Scheme 2023

In the 2nd-year English Paper Scheme, the candidates are preparing for the 12th class annual examination and have been looking to get the 2nd-year English Paper Scheme 2023 all boards can check it from this platform. The board authority provides the pairing scheme for the entire study group so that the student can prepare for the exams according to it. But it is not 100% sure that it is a correct paper pattern.

2nd-year Subject English Total Marks-100

Q.1 Objective Type       Mark 20

 Book-1 Modern Prose and heroes Part 13 synonyms
Book-1 Modern Prose and heroes Part 13 synonyms
Goodbye Mr. Chips4 synonyms
Choose Correct sentences5

  Subjective Part                                                                      MCQS

Book two lesion No.1,31
Book two lesion No.5,71
Book two lesion No.91
Book two lesion No.111
Book two lesion No.141
Book two lesion No.151
Mr. Chips Lesion 1-51
Mr. Chips Lesion 6-101
Mr. Chips Lesion 11-182

English BOOK-II


Lesion No.1     Page No. 3Q. No.1 to 8   Page NO.3
Lesion No.3     Page No. 8-12Q. No.1 to 7   Page NO.12
Lesion No.5     Page No. 16-19Q. No.1 to 9   Page NO.19
Lesion No.7     Page No. 24-27Q. No.1 to 6   Page NO.27
Lesion No.9     Page No. 33-37Q. No.1 to 9   Page NO.37


Lesion No.11     Page No. 45-47Q. No.1 to 9   Page NO. 47
Lesion No.14     Page No. 66-74Q. No.1 to 9   Page NO. 74
Lesion No.15     Page No. 75-82Q. No.1 to 9   Page NO. 82

Good Bye Mr. Chips

  • This Novel will be included completely.
  • Questions will be devised from all of the eighteen chapters of the Novel

Most Important Essay

  • Why I love Pakistan
  • Corona Pandemic in Pakistan
  • Technical education
  • Computer blessing or a course
  • Important of Muslim unity
  • Drug addicting
  • Women’s place in our society
  • My favorite personality
  • Education in women
  • Rise in price/inflation
  • Corruption
  • Pollution
  • Curbing child abuse
  • A cricket match
  • Life in a big city


  • Correction of the common error of part of speech
  • Use of preposition
  • Use of idioms/phrases
  • Translation of unseen passage Urdu into English

2nd-year English Paper Scheme in PDF

The candidate can access the paper scheme of F.Sc part-2 without having inconvenience from www.ilmiblog.com.  The main purpose of the giving the paper scheme is to help the candidate they can focus on their study and do selective preparation to get good marks in the annual exams. Students of All Punjab Boards like Pindi, BWP, Sargodha, Multan, DG Khan, and Lahore have the same paper pattern.

2nd Year Other Subjects Paper Scheme 2023

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