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Census 2022 Field Staff Duty Orders

The federal government has decided to conduct the seventh census across the country from August 1, which may delay the holding of general elections across the country. The Secretary Election Commission has been informed about this in a letter. The letter said that the meeting of the Council of Common Interests on January 13, 2022, has approved the conduct of the seventh census, the results of which will be handed over to the Election Commission by December 31, 2022. Will be done. According to the letter, the Election Commission has started the process of delimitation for the next elections on the basis of the 2017 census, while in the case of a new census, the process of delimitation of the Election Commission will be ineffective. For this purpose Census Duties List, 2022 was issued. Lists of employees for the Census 2022 were sought from the School Education Department, Department of Revenue and Health
Census Duties orders and List 2022 will be issued by the concerned DC office of each district.

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ENUMINATORS census duty list 2022

CIRCLE SUPERVISORS duty list Census 2022

Charge Superintendent duty list census 2022

Training of Presiding Officer and Sr APO

The honorarium of Census 2022

Notification of all duties final and honorarium of Census 2022 issued. NADRA will hand over the tablet to teachers on July 18. Check the duty online

Official NameCensus -Honorarium
Circle Supervisor70,000
Enumerators 60,000

Appointment of Charge Superintendent:

The appointment of a Superintendent will be made to the Local Administrative Authorities, preferably in departments with field duties e.g. AEO, Naib Tehsildar / Assistant Qanungos / Girdawars in Rural Areas, while Principals / Senior Teachers, and Education Officers working for Municipal/Tehsil level . Preference will be given to those who have good skills in IT like using Tablets and Computers.

Appointment of Circle Supervisor:

Circle Supervisor will be appointed in Patwaris, Primary School Principals, Senior Teachers, Local Council Secretaries, and Salary Officers from 10 to 16 in the Metropolitans / Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committees / City Committees, etc., preferably Local Area. The supervisor will look after the work of 5 to 7 Enumerators in rural and urban areas. If a circle has more than 8 Blocks Additional Circle supervisor can be selected by assigning 7 blocks to each Supervisor separately. Must have good skills/instruction for IT teachers and E. Patwaris can easily use digital devices.

Nomination of Enumerators:

The appointment of Enumerators will be done in the best rural areas, from primary, secondary, and tertiary teachers, Local Government staff, Agricultural Assistants, and Health Department staff working in the same area. In urban areas, School Teachers. Secretaries of Local Councils and Senior clerks who serve on Metropolitans / Municipal Corporation Committees etc. will be considered Enumerators, with a Pay Scale from 7 to 14.

They must have good skills regarding the operation of the Tablets and good instructions for completing census data in the census application on android.

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