Tentative Promotion List PST, EST SST Khanewal

Note: This is a non-final list of eligible teachers for promotion. Check you’re Division, Subject, Joining Date, Birth Date, etc. Office in case of any objection

Contact RYK) EEM (DEO. If any teacher who is M.A B.Ed and his name is not included, he should make the necessary entry in the list. No excuse will be accepted later. Complete the file as per the checklist Submit the required by the due deadline. You can also get information regarding Salary Increase budget relief 2023.

The cadre of teachers is PST, EST, and SST. All cadres have science general subjects, drawing, physical teachers, computer teachers, biology, physics, math, and English teachers. There are PST to EST and EST to SST promotions.


Promotion Eligible List EST to SST

Tentative Promotion List PST to EST Khanewal

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