1st Year Math Notes Chapter 9 Fundamental of Trigonometry

Units of Measures of Angles
Sexagesimal System
Conversion from
to the decimal form and vice versa
Circular System (Radians)
Relation between the Length of an arc of a Circle and the Circular measure of its Central angle
Conversion of Radian into Degree and vice versa

11th Math Notes Chapter-9 in PDF

11th Math Notes Chapter-9 Exercise 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3 Prepared according to the Paper Scheme of All Punjab Board. KPK, Quetta, and Sindh Board do not follow 1st Year math notes. These Punjab Board

Are Gujranwala Board, LHR Board, FSD Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, BWP Board, Sargodha, DG Khan Board, and Sahiwal Board.

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General Angle (Coterminal Angle)
Angle in the Standard Position
Trigonometric Function
Trigonometric Function of any Angle
Fundamental Identities
Signs of the Trigonometric Function

The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles

The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles

Domains of Trigonometric Functions and Fundamental Identities

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