11th Math Notes Chapter-12 Application of Trigonometry

Exercise 12.1
Exercise 12.2
Exercise 12.3
Exercise 12.4
Exercise 12.5
Exercise 12.6
Exercise 12.7
Exercise 12.8

11th Math Notes Chapter-12 Solution

Oblique Triangles
The Law of Cosine
The Law of Sines
The Law of Tangents
Half Angle Formulas
Solution of Oblique Triangles
Case I: When the measure of one side and two angles are given Introduction

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Tables of Trigonometric Ratios
Solution of Right Triangles
Heights and Distances
Engineering and Heights and Distances

Case II: When the measure of two sides and their included angle are given

Case III: When measures of three sides are given
Area of Triangle
Circles Connected with Triangle
Escribed Circles
Engineering and Circles Connected with Triangles

Notes of Other Chapters

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