Imran Khan 3 Year Performance and Mega Projects

Ever since Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan came to power. They face many challenges, especially during the COVID-19 Period. But The Imran Khan government seriously tried to solve many problems by providing Mega Projects.

Nationwide Health Insurance program:

After KPK, Imran Khan started a health insurance program in Punjab through Health Card. Many people are benefiting from this.

Billion Tree Project:

To avoid environmental challenges, especially smog, Imran Khan planted millions of trees across the country under the Billion Tree Project.

Imran Raised Voice against Islamophobia:

Raised voice in the United Nations against Islamophobia. UN approved March 15 as the annual anti-Islamophobia day and Imran Khan highlighted the Kashmir issue all over the world.

Right, to vote for Overseas Pakistani:

Foreign Pakistanis were given the right to vote.

Released Several Pakistani from Saudi Jails:

Many Pakistanis are living in Saudi Arabia in search of employment. Many Pakistanis Prisoner in Saudi Arabia were released through diplomacy with the Saudi government

Ehsas kifalat Program:

The people are facing a lot of difficulties due to inflation and unemployment in the country. But the Imran government launched targeted subsidies to the poor across the country under the Ehsas kifalat program. A database of poor people was created across the country. Under this poor families are getting 14000 per month.

EHSAS Ration Program:

Registration has been completed and soon more people will benefit from this program.

Single National Curriculum

The single national curriculum was implemented to eliminate class segregation across the country.
Single National Curriculum will be implemented in Class I to V in the first phase and VI to VIII in the second phase and in Class IX in the third phase.

Holy Quran as a Compulsory Subject

A system was introduced in schools to teach the Holy Quran as a compulsory subject.
It was made compulsory to recite the Qur’an with Nazra-e-Quran and translation till the sixth grade.

Aghosh Program for Women:

After the Ehsas Kafalat program, Aghosh program was started. Through which pregnant and lactating women will get Rs 17,000.

Construction of (Mohmand, Dasu, and Diamer Bhasha) DAMS

During the reign of Imran Khan, several dams started being built. These include projects like Diamer-Bhasha Dam, Mohmand Dam, Dasu Hydropower Project

Urban master plans for several cities:

Imran Khan formulated an urban master plan for cities, including Lahore and Rawalpindi to control the problems of several cities.

Empowered NAB and other Departments:

Imran Khan’s government empowered the NAB to curb corruption. He wants to end political interference from all institutions in the country.

Improvement of the Road Network:

Launched a program called “Manzilain Aasan” across Punjab. Under this program, the road network was improved in most areas of Punjab.

Establishment of South Punjab Secretariat:

A separate secretariat was set up to deal with the problems of South Punjab. The budget of South Punjab was ring-fenced for the first time.

Interest-free loan for Youth “kamyab jawan program.

Started giving 200,000 to 500,000 interest-free loans to unemployed youth for business. For the first time in the country, up to Rs 2 million in subsidized loans are being provided by banks for housing schemes.

Announced freelancing to be free of tax:

For the first time, a registered freelancer is tax-free on income. Amazon Online Business Opportunities Launched Across Pakistan.

Usman Buzdar Performance in Punjab:

During his three-year Govt in Punjab, Usman Buzdar established 23 new hospitals, 21 new universities, 2 canals, 10 special economic zones, health cards, 36 service centers, and various rescue emergency centers.

This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that such flagship projects are being launched by any Government. The country’s economic data and international survey are indicating that the country is moving in the right direction. That is why the graph of Imran Khan’s popularity in Pakistan is growing day by day.

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    1. Health card closed by PMLN Govt. For two years, people reaped the benefits.
      Quran is being taught as a compulsory subject.
      Ehsaas Kafalat program is still running.
      South Secretariat established. Single National Curriculum has been implemented till primary.

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