Download SBA Model Papers 2023 for Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8th

Every Year the Punjab Examination Commission conducts examinations for classes 5th and 8th every year. But the previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government started the school-based assessment examination system. All the Government and Private schools in Punjab download the papers from the item bank every year from the official website of the Punjab Examination Commission. Now students from classes 3 to 8th can download SBA Model Papers 2023 in PDF format from Past papers are helpful for students.

Grade 3

ENGLISH  (A)       (B)URDU        (A)       (B)GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (A)  (B)
MATH       (A)       (B)Isalamiat    (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Grade 4th

ENGLISH  (A)       (B)URDU        (A)       (B)GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (A)  (B)
MATH       (A)       (B)SCIENCE    (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Grade 5th

ENGLISH   (A)       (B)URDU      (A)       (B)G-KNOWLEDGE (A)       (B)
MATH        (A)       (B)SCIENCE   (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Grade 6th

ENGLISH  (A)       (B)URDU       (A)       (B)ISLAMIAT    (A)       (B)
MATH       (A)       (B)SCIENCE   (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Grade 7th

ENGLISH     (A)       (B)URDU    (A)       (B)ISLAMIAT    (A)       (B)
MATH         (A)       (B)SCIENCE   (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Grade 8th

ENGLISH     (A)       (B)URDU      (A)       (B)ISLAMIAT   (A)       (B)
MATH         (A)       (B)SCIENCE  (A)       (B)Download All Papers

Punjab Examination SBA 2023 Item Bank

PEC SBA 2023 Answer keys for Grade 03-08

Generate SBA Papers Online Login

Every year, a list of usernames and passwords is provided to focal persons of all districts. The school concerned will contact its focal person to obtain the username and password.

After that, log in to the official site of the Punjab Examination Commission

After selecting the class and subject, out of a total of 100 questions, 25 questions have to be chosen.

Through this examination system, teachers can self-select questions from the item bank provided.

General Instructions for students:

  • Read carefully and attempt all questions.
  • A question can consist of one or more parts.
  • Use black/blue ink for writing answers in separate answer sheets. Use of lead pencil is not allowed.
  • The Paper also consists of Constructed Response Questions


Sr. No  DISTRICT  Designation  Landline Number  Email Address
  1ATTOCKDEO-SE057-9316158[email protected]; [email protected];
2BAHAWALNAGARRDE (BS-17)063-9240156[email protected]
  3BAHAWALPURFocal Person0300-9686377[email protected]. [email protected]
  4BHAKKARDY.DEO(HQ)0453-921052  [email protected]
5CHAKWALRegistrar/Focal Person0543-660120[email protected]
6CHINIOTDEO-EE (Male)047-9210090[email protected]
7DG KHANDEO-SE (Male)064-9260199[email protected]
8FAISALABADDY.DEO-EE (Male) [email protected]
9GUJRANWALAAD ADMIN055-9230105[email protected]
10GUJRATDEO-EE (Male)053-9260302[email protected]
  11HAFIZABADDEO-EE (Female)0547-640461  [email protected]
  12JEHLUMASSISTANT DIRECTOR   [email protected]
13JHANGDY.DEO-SE (Male)HQ047-9200127[email protected]
  14KASURDEO-EE (Male)   [email protected]
  15  KHANEWALDEO (SE)065-9200200[email protected] [email protected]
  16  KHUSHABDEO-SE (Male)0454-920126[email protected]; [email protected]
17LAHOREDy. DEO SE (HQ)042-37226188[email protected]
18LAYYAHDEO-EE (Male) [email protected]
19LODHRANDEO-EE (Male)0608-921095[email protected]
  20  MB DINDEO-SE  0546-500773[email protected]; [email protected];
21MIANWALIDEO-EE (Male)0459-920204[email protected]
22MULTANDEO-SE061-9210044[email protected]
  23MUZAFFARGARHRDE (BS-17)066-9200074  [email protected]
  24NANKANA SAHIBDEO-EE (Male)0563-549165[email protected]; [email protected];
25NAROWALDEO-SE (Male)0542-470693[email protected]
26OKARADEO-SE044-9200271[email protected]
27PAKPATTANDEO-EE (Male)0457-921084[email protected]
  28  RAHIM YAR KHANDEO (SE)068-9230038[email protected]; [email protected];
29RAJANPURDY. DEO-EE (Male) [email protected];
  30RAWALPINDIDEO-EE (Male) [email protected]; [email protected];
  31SAHIWALDEO-EE (Male)040-9200431[email protected]; [email protected];
  32SARGODHADEO-SE [email protected]; [email protected];
33SHEIKHUPURADY. DEO-EE (Male) [email protected]
34SIALKOTFocal Person052-9250194[email protected]
35T.T.SINGHDEO-EE (Male)046-2512184[email protected]
36VEHARIAD ADMIN067-3361943[email protected]

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