Class 9th Math notes All exercise Solution

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Unit 1 – Matrices and Determinants

OverviewExercise 1.1
Exercise 1.2Exercise 1.3
Exercise 1.4Exercise 1.5
Exercise 1.6Exercise 1.6
Review QuestionsMCQ’s
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Unit 2 – Real and Complex Numbers

OverviewExercise 2.1
Exercise 2.2Exercise 2.3
Exercise 2.4Exercise 2.5
Exercise 2.6Review Questions

Unit 3 – Logarithms

OverviewExercise 3.1
Exercise 3.3Exercise 3.3
Exercise 3.4Review Questions

Unit 4 – Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas

OverviewExercise 4.1
Exercise 4.4Exercise 4.4
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 5 – Factorization

OverviewExercise 5.1
Exercise 5.2Exercise 5.3, 5.4
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 6 – Algebraic Manipulations

OverviewExercise 6.1
Exercise 6.2Exercise 6.3
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 7 – Linear Equations and Inequalities

OverviewExercise 7.1
Exercise 7.2Exercise 7.3
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 8 – Linear Graphs and Their Applications

OverviewExercise 8.1
Exercise 8.2Exercise 8.3
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 9 – Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

OverviewExercise 9.1
Exercise 9.2Exercise 9.3
MCQ’sReview Questions

Unit 10 – Congruent Triangles

OverviewExercise 10.1
Exercise 10.2Exercise 10.3
Exercise 10.4MCQ’s
Review Questions 

Unit 11 – Parallelograms and Triangles

OverviewExercise 11.1
Exercise 11.2Exercise 11.3
Exercise 11.4Exercise 11.5
Review QuestionsMCQ’s

Unit 12 – Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors

OverviewExercise 12.1
Exercise 12.2Exercise 12.3
Review QuestionsMCQ’s

Unit 13 – Sides and Angles of Triangles

OverviewExercise 13.1
Exercise 13.2Review Questions

Unit 14 – Ratio and Proportions

OverviewExercise 14.1
Exercise 14.2Review Questions

Unit 15 – Pythagoras Theorem

OverviewExercise -15
Review QuestionsMCQ’s

Unit 16 – Theorems Related With Area

OverviewExercise 16.1
Exercise 16.2Review Questions

Unit 17 – Practical Geometry (Triangles)

OverviewExercise 17.1
Exercise 17.2Exercise 17.3
Exercise 17.4Exercise 17.5
Review QuestionsMCQ’s

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